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Lonesome Dove Masonry Construction, Inc. is a first class Dallas-Ft Worth based turnkey masonry company that serves all Texas and surrounding states. We strive to bring you the highest quality natural stone paired with expert customer service to make any residential or commercial project a reality. Providing style and class that will not fade with the ages!

We are a quarry direct company not a rock yard. This means you have cut out the costly middle-man and are as close to the source as possible. This enables our clients to trim down on cost, waste and  receive timely deliveries as well as receiving turnkey masonry bids on any of the natural stone throughout our sight and more. All stone is chopped and  loaded at our various associate quarry's located throughout Texas and Oklahoma and delivered straight to the sight in either bulk or palletized loads for your convenience.

Our industry leading sales representatives will  meet with you and deliver free stone samples to each job sight insuring correct stone color everytime. We will also devise a detailed material estimation for each project upon request and can do a turnkey masonry bid by sending plans to If you are building your own home. Send your detailed plans, along with revision dates to one of our estimating professionals.   

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